Paris 2024: Olympic Games 2024 also in the Mediterranean/South Region

You are aware that during the 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games (JOP), the South Region will host all of the Olympic sailing events in Marseille as well as football matches in Marseille and Nice . It is here, in the South region, that there will be the most Games events, outside of Île-de-France!

In May 2024, the Olympic flame will pass through the South Region

Symbol of Olympism, the flame brings us a little closer to the opening ceremony, and will be visible in the Southern region a few weeks before the start of the Games. After being lit in Greece, the flame will reach Marseille on May 8, 2024 by sea, before continuing its journey to Paris! Stay tuned, many revelations are planned at the start of 2024!

A land of games at all levels!

It is here, in the South region, that there will be the most Games events, outside of Ile de France. Sailing events, with the big news, kite-surfing, which is entering the Olympic category. But also football, women's and men's, with the teams coached by Hervé Renard and Thierry Henry. From Marseille to Nice, the summer of 2024 will be dedicated to the Games. Because the Southern Region is indeed a Land of Games, at all levels!

Athletes from the Southern region, in search of the Olympic and Paralympic dream.

Some have already tasted the joy of a medal. Others have been working hard for years to be ready on the big day. They all have one common denominator: they are passionate about their sport. And what could be better for an athlete than representing his country, at home, during the Olympic and Paralympic Games?

To help them in this odyssey, the South Region has created the "" Champions of the South "" system. A grant of up to €10,000 to provide them with material and logistical assistance with a view to their preparation for the Games.

Depending on the qualifying tournaments, soon find here the list of those who will defend the colors of Provence, the Alps, and the Côte d'Azur in 2024!